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Customer First

Starting from the needs of customers, making it the most important thing to achieve customer needs with great value. We adhere to customer centricity, respond quickly to customer needs, and actively and proactively create long-term value for our customers.


Collaborative integration

The one who works together wins. We support each other for our common dreams and goals, and voluntarily contribute ourselves to the team. We give those sincere and selfless contributors maximum rewards.

Gratitude in return

We insist on providing meticulous services and actions to express gratitude to customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and people from all walks of life for their support, and to repay society with unremitting efforts and hard work.

Persist in dreams

People are great because of their dreams. We encourage employees to work hard to achieve their dreams, help them grow, and assist them in realizing their own value, so that employees can share the benefits of company growth through their efforts, and give wings to their dreams.

Pioneering and innovating

We actively explore and bravely try to create, adhere to customer demand orientation, and continuously innovate around customer needs, in order to better meet customer needs.

Pragmatic and enterprising

We have always adhered to the approach of seeking truth from facts and emphasizing practical results, and always maintain an open and enterprising heart, putting it into practical action.






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Company address: No.10 Zhangkan East Road, Baigang, Xiaojinkou Town, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

Contact number: 0752-2839066 0752-2839068

Fax number: 0752-2839383

Company email: david@ssyelectech.com

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